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Ever since the pandemic, HR professionals have been affected profoundly. Thus, human resource management software has become increasingly important to companies, and its need will only continue to grow. BambooHR has always been considered a top option, but it may not be suited for every business. This blog will help you choose an HR software by presenting the best BambooHR alternative in the market. 

BambooHR is one of the most well-known software for small to medium size businesses. It is built with a robust set of employee management tools. But while it may be considered a top-ranking product worldwide, it may not cater to business needs of all kinds. This article will present the Bamboo HR alternative in detail. 

Some of the problems reported by the existing users include writing functionality not being user-friendly and tedious for tech-savvy users. So, whether you’re looking for budget-friendly, easy-to-use, tax-compliant HR software, Resourceinn provides highly configurable HR software that will be specific to your company’s needs. 

BambooHR lacks several functionalities. Some of them are as follows.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: US-specific Payroll by BambooHR

The payroll of BambooHR is explicitly made to manage employees throughout the US. Bamboo HR lacks built-in payroll services outside the US. In some cases, like in Canada, users must use a third party or a different provider for payroll.

Resourceinn is an all-in-one HR software with a significant focus on payroll and features associated with payroll. Resourceinn provides a payroll system perfect for medium businesses worldwide. 

In addition to handling all employer and employee taxes, it also deals with taxes related to your country. Furthermore, it provides a customizable and highly configurable built-in payroll system, which is not restricted to any particular country. 

Integrations with Other Software

While BambooHR offers several modules, it lacks some modules, including built-in training and development system, benefits administration, job scheduling, and compensation management. It integrates with other software to do the HR works. 

As BambooHR payroll software is made for US users, it integrates with other payroll software, often increasing costs and time. 

Resourceinn is designed to facilitate complex systems. It offers built-in training and development and scheduling modules, making the process easier and scalable.

Resourceinn makes the payroll system easier yet highly configurable and allows previewing of payroll before finalizing and releasing. It also offers a built-in benefits management tool. It will enable the user to create a benefit account handling claim-based benefits (medical, EOBI, gratuity, provident fund, and others).

Resourceinn keeps track of all arrears arising from salary changes or other adjustments and shows pending dues. It also handles tax (adjustments and rebate) related matters. 

Difficulty Sending Emails

Suppose you send an email through BambooHR or integration; it does not offer ease as other tools. This issue becomes relevant, especially in a scenario of mass emails to more than one recipient. 

Resourceinn facilitates and provides ease to the users while sending emails. 

Global Management System

While BambooHR is most suited to employees throughout the US, it doesn’t work well to meet the needs of global employee management. In addition, it makes it a less desirable option for remote or distributed international teams. 

Resourceinn, on the other hand, is not specific to any country. Instead, it aims to facilitate any mid-sized companies anywhere in the world. 

Lack of Flexibility in Handling Contractor-based Workers

BambooHR lacks when a company hires temporary or contract-based employees. Whereas, Resourceinn allows the company to differentiate between full-time and part-time employees. It facilitates the company in hiring a temporary employee. 

Configurability & Scalability

Some HR professional users of BambooHR shared that BambooHR is not as scalable as some other HR software. 

They shared that “as a company continues to scale and grow, the incremental processes added become more difficult to manage with the system.” 

Whereas, Resourceinn is a scalable solution. Its mission is to empower mid-sized businesses as they grow and expand over time. Other than that, Resourceinn is configurable and customizable. For example, it allows the company to have a formula or rule-based benefit system according to its own needs for its employees. 


While BambooHR has continued to perform well in the Human Resource Management System domain. Other options in the market offer price flexibility, budget-friendly packages, and more built-in modules, saving time and costs like Resourceinn. 

Resourceinn has so much more to offer, which this blog does not mention. For a customized preview of the product, please book a demo for a deep insight into the Resourceinn features, modules, and budget-friendly packages well suited for your company’s needs.