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Cloud based Performance Management System

The success of an organization largely depends upon its ability to find and retain an outstanding workforce. Cloud based Performance Management System allows you to analyze both, dull and productive employees in no time. In this way, you prevent your company from the loss of valuable employees. Our 360 degree performance appraisal process allows you to have more meaningful interactions with your teams about their performance. Resourceinn’s performance management software for large to small business help builds a productive workforce.
Performance Appraiser Types Resourceinn

Pre-defined Appraiser Types

An automated performance appraisal system that allows you to choose appraisers of your own choice from the pre-defined designations. Allow your workforce to create different types of appraisals within no time.
Performance Appraiser Types Resourceinn

Create Appraisal Types Conveniently

With the most effective performance appraisal methods, you can remove the complex procedures allowing you to set the categories/types fulfilling your evaluation criteria. You can set percentages of a particular appraisal type according to your organizational criteria moreover you can add your remarks in a description bar to ensure a perfect appraisal of performance.
Performance Appraisal Types Categories Resourceinn
Performance Appraisal Attributes Resourceinn

Set-up Appraisal Attributes

The appraisal types that you have created can be further divided into appraisal attributes on the basis of which the employees will be evaluated. For example, if you are evaluating the discipline of any employee, its attribute would be attendance. Also, you can set different percentages for each attribute.

Performance Appraisal Attributes Resourceinn

Formulate a Review Cycle Group

An employee performance tracking system that allows you to create multiple appraisal templates that can be altered according to your requirement. You can apply to a customized number of employees’ departments, branches, or all of them.
Performance Review Cycle Groups Resourceinn
Performance Review Cycle Resourceinn

Review Cycle

You can edit the pre-established templates or create a new one at any time. Set up the appraiser’s weightage according to your organizational criteria and apply it to a customized number of employees’ departments, branches, or all of them. Moreover, you can set the tenure and once the online employee evaluation system initiates the evaluation process it cannot be altered in order to avoid any mismanagement.

Objective Assignment

The appraiser can assign multiple objectives to different subordinates, either his team or the internees. Their evaluation will be done on the basis of the assigned objectives.
Performance Objective Assignment Resourceinn
Performance Time Slots Resourceinn

Set-up Performance Goals for Employees

After the subordinate goals setting, the required review cycle from the administration, performance goals will appear on the employee screen with instructions on different performance indicators along with the weightage to be done in a defined time.

Subordinate Evaluation Process

An online employee evaluation system that allows the evaluation of your employees’ authority-wise, means nobody can evaluate the employees other than the corresponding authority. The correspondent will receive a notification when goals will be assigned that ultimately keeps him up-to-date.
Performance Subordinate Evaluation Resourceinn

Resourceinn strives to make ways better for the goodwill of businesses worldwide. We struggle to bridge the gaps between innovation and growth in businesses. Feasible software that is not only reliable but also ensures every aspect to be covered.

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