Health Hacks and Tips for Employees 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today, the working style has been drastically changed which has made it so hectic for the workers and employees to focus on their daily tasks while sitting on a chair consistently.  This trending working culture tends to cause various adverse effects among the employees that develop different health issues including eye problems, backache, neck pain, fatigue, and digestion issues due to the irregular eating routine. Working under such unhealthy conditions not only affects our physical health but also our mental health that includes severe headaches and depression.

We know that in the previous year, work from home plan didn’t work well enough for the employees and as for as their health is concerned, certain health problems appeared owing to the aggressive lockdown that has caused depression and anxiety. However, as we have moved to 2021, it is the time to ensure a healthy work routine either in home-based or within the organizations and get past the COVID-19 pandemic.

No matter how sturdy the workflow of your office is, personal dedication is still the vital and mandatory thing in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it’s all about a positive mindset that could really help out in building a positive and healthier work environment either in a home or within the organization.

Here are five health tips that are helpful in beating fatigue and other related issues:

A Healthy Snack Routine

The human body and brain require healthy food to work efficiently. Pack a bag of almonds or nuts, protein bars, dry fruit stuff, and eat it conveniently by putting it next to your laptop or computer if you are going to the office regularly. Additionally, it would be very easy for you to manage a time period to eat, either put these stuffs by your side or give yourself a short break in order to get up and go for eating. This will also break the time of consistent sitting and freshen your mind.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The intake of water is necessary at least every hour because water helps the person concentrate for a longer period of time moreover it helps in reducing inadequate headaches ultimately a person feels fresh. If you are focused on your work from the past few hours consistently and you not giving yourself time to even drink water, this can affect your mental health adversely. According to a survey conducted under the authority of WHO, drinking at least eight glass of water a day can help you stay active and empowers your brain to work efficiently. Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated would be a good practice in order to work efficiently.

Maintain Your Lunch Portions

Eating a healthy diet with maintaining the appropriate portions not only beneficial for our body but also considered as an important part and aspect of our daily health routine. We do not consume many calories while sitting on a chair working all day long therefore it is necessary to avoid over-eating. Have a considerable amount of meal in order to keep yourself active and focused also ensure a healthy diet as it is essential for your health. An employee can perform his tasks effectively while balancing his diet routine.

Smart Practices

Working consistently while sitting on a chair for too long is the major cause of fatigue, eyes, and back pains. So, in that case, give yourself a break and get up from the chair to stretch your back, neck, shoulder, and arms. keep changing your sitting positions after a while to avoid being stuck to only one position in case if you’re working in an office environment. If your work is home-based it is easier for you to do these effective stretching exercises in order to stay relaxed and active.

Communicate and be Interactive

Imagine working all day long sitting at the same place without talking to anyone, sounds ignorant. So, be interactive with your partners and coworkers as it diverts your mind from working pressure and stress for some time and freshens you up. Contrary to this, you can give your family time and interact with them in order to give your mind a short break and stay relaxed while working from home.

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization, over 300 million people in the world are suffering from depression. It would not be wrong to guess that in every working environment in the world, at least a few of the employees could be found suffering from depression. Therefore, it is very important to promote mental health awareness and counseling within the organization so that the workers could get awareness regarding these issues and sort out the preventive measures.