HR Management System

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HR Management System NEED in Today’s WORLD

Before talking about hr management system software, Let me start with just a simple concept of need. Need is something necessary to get a healthy and growing outcome, without addressing need you are bound to face adverse consequences.

This simple concept of need is true not just in living bodies but in everything which has a growth indicator. In the course of history, human managed to come together in a different form of setups to earn a livelihood by addressing the needs and wants of other humans.

This revolutionary idea in return provided the definition business. To keep your business growing and to keep your ship floating you always need to check the growth indicators.

Now, Let me say this, in the form of any composition, the composed body is useful but what more important is its basic building block. In the case of a business, it’s humanity itself.

Without getting in technicality business can be divided into two major parts. One is the production and everything to do with your product. The other is internal management the workflow of your business except the factors related to sale and marketing because we are just considering the internal working of business not the profit generation with product being produced.

To maintain the proper workflow, it’s a need for business management to consider the welfare of employees and to keep an eye on productivity. Another rule of thumb is “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so it was first addressed by the Co-operator, Social reformer and a factory owner “ROBERT OWEN” (1771-1858).

Robert Owen was the man ahead of his time, in his lifetime he aimed to better the health, education, wellbeing and rights of the working class.  His effort in history was noted and well appreciated and then translated in the form of laws by later governments. He is also known as the “Father of Personnel Management”.

In this era of the digital age, the need for managing the human resources was replaced from paper management to software. Generally known as Human Resource Management Systems.

Introduction of the software industry in this field comes with the promise of better and up to date stats, notifications and permissions structure. To increase efficiency remove anomalies and save time. In short, it’s giving more power and control in the hand of management with mobility. Because of this trades the demand of free small business management software have increased. Some IT companies chose the approach of providing the free basic level hrm tools to create demand in the market for their software.  With lots of data stacking up opened the window for data sciences where you can trace the history of decisions made, with its effects, graphs, charts and further linking the dots with automated suggestions in return opening the gates for artificial intelligence to kick in.

This age of information changed the way we manage, control and take decisions replacing the experience with the tested phenomenon in terms of business workflow management.