What Are The Best Six Trending HR Policy In Pakistan?

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1. Firearms in the Workplace Policy (or Zero Tolerance for Workplace Violence)

Employers must ensure the safety of employees in all forms of workplace violence, that includes physical violence, harassment, intimidation, and even some unfortunate disruption. Addressing weapons and violence policies that can be combined into your general harassment or safety policies or can be communicated on their own.  Some questions to address in weapons in the workplace policy include: Your weapons or any potential firearm in the workplace policy should comply with hr policy in Pakistan, which includes posting requirements and the privacy laws; one must list specific examples of prohibited violent conduct, and necessary to explain responsibilities under your company violence-prevention strategic plan.

2. Distant Workers Policy

Many contemporary workplaces are permitting their employees to work remotely from home or some other location outside the main office. However, not all jobs and employees are well-suited for remote work. So it is important to clarify your organization’s position on remote work itself.

Your remote workers’ policy should comply with hr policy in Pakistan, have a specific time and pay policy for remote workers, and stipulate your right to end the ability to work remotely at any time.

3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

As more workers begin to use their own devices for business, including phones, laptops, and tablets, privacy and security matters need to be considered. There are also concerns about any personal belongings devices being lost or being stolen. A policy linked to the use of personal devices should be a part of any modern workplace.

Your device policy should comply with hr policy in Pakistan, establish a procedure for the end of recruitment. And include any applicable risks or liabilities associated with the use of personal devices for business matters.

4. Social Media Policy

A social media policy can be what defends your organization’s credibility. Despite its relatively modern nature wise, you should still draft this policy to withstand scrutiny from your regional labour relations board.

Your social media policy and procedure should also list the specific confidential information. That should never be shared and explain the disciplinary measures for social media policy violations.

5. Drug and Alcohol Policy

It cannot be denied that expanding laws legalizing drugs and alcohol policies are becoming more and more relevant to the modern workplace. Aim to keep in mind hr policy in Pakistan relating to certain substances when preparing this policy.

6. Revitalized Secretive Policy

Broader policies that require human capital to keep all information confidential are no longer effective and productive. Due to the uncertain nature of how information gets shared, it is important to be specific in your confidentiality and hr policies and procedures, excluding any items that a labour board may not be considered as private, such as wages and working conditions.