Working From Home

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Brief History of Work from Home Jobs

Stay at home jobs are not a new concept actually, it’s been around longer than you think. The only difference is that older communities had their own versions of jobs from home. In the older civilizations before the arrival of this magical era of information technology and computers, work from home ideas revolved around the concept of contributing to the resources of the clan by playing a part in the production lines. It could be handicrafts, the thing of day to day use, or anything that could prove useful for the community and serve the purpose of in return income.

Open-plan offices relation to work from home concept

Open-plan offices were created in the 1950s are the early shape of cubical based offices of today. In fact, did you know that before open-plan offices the concept of work from home put the basis of this concept?

In medieval times work homes were designed to combine domestic and commercial activities under a single roof. Occupants could sew, weave, cook, eat, and sleep in one area and while harvesting time, dairy and butchery were performed at the other end of the house. It was not about bringing work home, in fact, the home was living space and office at the same time.

Benefits of working from home

Between the year of 2005 to 2015, the trend of working from home increased by 115%. With that requirement for potential employees to work at least half time or more also increased. The benefits of working from home for employees include.

 1. A comfortable custom environment 
          Every person has a different taste of the environment by getting the custom environment according to your taste you feel mentally relaxed and can perform tasks better. 

 2. Flexibility to work
          Flexibility to work lets you enjoy responsibility rather than get burdened by it.

 3. Cozy clothes
          It’s always a good idea to dress comfortably rather than just focus on outlook. In-home environment cozy clothes will always put you at ease and more comfortable in doing work.

 4. Time-saving
          Travelling takes a lot of time, by working from home you can save all this time and can put this in use.

 5. No office distractions
          If you admit it or not there are a lot of office distractions that surround you, meeting people encourage chit-chatting, and chit-chatting comes with a lot of ideas that move your focuses from work. Effective work from home policies can be done.

6. Health benefits of work from home
          Stress reduction and favorable environment will put a pleasant effect on the body and a flexible timing pressure can be reduced if managed well.

 On the other hand, if you are working for some company or organization. The organization have a remote task manager jobs for managing remote employees.

COVID-19 Vaccine for conventional Organizations

Many businesses in the United States and all around the world are facing unfavorable effects due to coronavirus COVID-19 unfortunately! But it can be turned in to favorable situation by promoting the work from home policy and to focus on providing remote jobs and remote workforce management. There are other home-based business opportunities online too. Many big companies also successfully working with remote working models for example amazon has their own amazon work from home policy. The benefits of working from home for employers if managed properly can save money, increase progressive work from home. Following are some perks of working from home for employers.

1. Lessen Overhead
          By allowing employees to work remotely you can reduce your overhead expenditures like bills including electricity, kitchen, and office supplies.

2. Lessen Turnover
          One of the major causes of turnover is no job satisfaction. By managing remote workers and allowing them to work on flexible time keeping the deadline intact satisfaction of workers will increase in return loyalty factor will increase between organization and employees.

3. Increased productivity
          The advantages of remote working include increased productivity. Study shows that productivity increase while working from a comfortable place like a home rather than a typical office environment.  

4. High Moral
          Befits of work from home policy also encourages the high morale in employees because of flexible working options. They enjoy responsibility rather than feeling burdened by it.

5. Environmental Impact
          Because of work in a home environment, managing remote teams include communication through e-mails and other remote connecting software. This practice encourages the culture of instant connectivity and task progress reports which can help to increase the workflow speed.   

Working at home policy and procedures

The sample remote work policy include the agreement between the employee and employer to meet a certain task and take certain responsibilities defined by the employer.

This also includes the standard by which it can be defined that who is eligible for working from home, the process of requesting from home, and the approval process. Each organization can put the well though standards in their policy-making to encourage remote teams best practices according to their nature of work.

As far as procedure is concerned, you just need a laptop or mobile device, good internet connection, WIFI and a comfortable place to sit. There will also be a need for a set of communication software for remote employees best practices and human resource management software for employers to track the task and benefits of remote employees