Redefine your HR potential with Resourceinn

A reliable and trusted cloud-based HR & Payroll automation Platform that is adaptable to your style of management

Resourceinn HRMS & Payroll Software System

A reliable and trusted cloud-based HR & Payroll automation Platform that is adaptable to your style of management

Resourceinn HRMS & Payroll Software System

Resourceinn HRMS Provides smart cloud Payroll & HR Software to Achieve Efficient Results

Maximize workforce efficiency for HR and Payroll

No code customization

Construct Strategic decision for HR and Payroll

Increased visibility

Saving time and cost for HR

Save time and cost

We Love Sharing Amazing Features to Your Benefits

We Love Sharing Amazing Features to Your Benefits

Organogram Icon


A structure illustration that shows the smooth workflow of the HR system

An organizational hierarchy organogram that gives you an eagle view of your employees, departments, and branches. Moreover, it provides you with the HRMS tools list that depicts various levels of management describing an undescriptive workflow.
organizational hierarchy organogram
Location based attendance hr software
Employee attendence location icon

Location-Based Attendance

Managing workforce attendance and punctuality

Track and monitor your workforce attendance based on their GPS location with our mobile app and stay up-to-date with the whereabouts on a simple screen.
Location based attendance hr software
Custom dashboard icon

Customize Dashboards

A clear and undistorted (factual, exact) display of key information

Customize your dashboard to showcase essential information that enables instant notifications and set color schemes to keep your own distinct brand identity.
Customizable Dashboards in HR software
Multi Lingual HR software
Multi lingual icon


An HR system that is supported by various languages

Whether your organization is fluent in French, Spanish, or Arabic, our software can be adapted into a different language as per your need.
Multi Lingual HR software

Explore Core Modules

Manage and upgrade the workforce of your HR with our efficient modules of HRIS and enhance the productivity and proficiency of your organization.

Rooster Planning system
Create staff workable shifts
Define shift day, hours & time
Roster integration with attendance & payroll
Allow rest days
Holidays auto-adjustment
View your shifts in my roster
View or edit subordinate shifts- if permitted
Create whole organization’s shifts
Create, edit, delete permission system
Employee Recruitment Software
Prepare checklist for new hire
Set clear tasks, deadlines & supervisors
Define internal company processes
Send onboarding notifications to new hires
Save time with predefined automated processes
Single click formula based payroll
Separate Payroll dashboard
Automation based on polices you set
All payroll data & salary sheets at one place
Staff access to their payroll record
Payroll Review
At once payroll information export
Leave encasement’s & Voucher management
Incentives and benefits management
Tax Rebait & Adjustment
Daily wagers payroll options
Custom payrolls creation
Create loan & advance types
Set custom loan & advance policies by each type
Set custom repayment plans
Auto deduction system
Manual payment adjustments
Auto provident funds & gratuity adjustments
Set custom request approval flows
Staff expense self submissions
Receipts attachments
Single click validation with editable options
All staff expense repot at one place
Automation with payroll
Expense reporting with graphical representation
Set Custom made approval flows
Manage staff official duties
Travel request system
Ticket Bookings and attachments
Travel expense record keeping
Create custom travel request approval flows
Auto attendance adjustment with travel
Keep HR & Staff data safely
Generate custom employee card with custom fields eg. Vaccination Status
Keep track of data change by detailed history
Create organization’s people directory
Profile Score for staff
Asset allocation system
Important document & certification data-keeping per person
Kinship system
Powerful filter system
One click leaves approval with bulk approve options.
Leave policies and types adaptable to your need.
Delegate assignment.
Leave calculator and leave history.
Leave balance adjustment.
Subordinate leave requests and approvals.
Customizable and dynamic leave approval flows.
Define the probation period of the new hire
Create evaluation scales
Create professional attributes you are looking for
Make evaluations with score or on attribution bases
Get a monthly or complete evaluation period report
Extend probation period as required
Clock-in clock-out
Late arrival adjustment
Manual attendance requests
Custom policy automation
Get active & inactive employee status
Multiple Hardware integrations
Biometric, face & Persona based attendance
Leave encasement’s & Voucher management
IP restriction & Geo fencing
Graphical attendance trends
Downloadable reports by Department, Brach & Locations
Track your remote people
Create custom request approval flows
EOE request creation
Create multiple EOE types eg. Resignation, Termination, Retirement
Create EOE checklist eg. assets, loans or advances
Set notice period with last working date
Final settlement for smooth off-boarding
Rehire options- no need to create a new user
Manage transfers by branch and departments
Designation management
E-mail & notification system
Document & attachment record keeping
Set promotion criteria
Demotion settings
Auto status & salary update by the due date
Set custom transfer & promotion request approval flows

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Why choose Resourceinn?

Satisfied Employees are the key to success in any organization. For seamless organizational processes, HR automation is the crucial thing to have. Here in Resourceinn, we hear the voice of the business community and address the needs of HR managers and employees. With deep insight into the various HR experiences, we built an adaptive HR automation system powered by smart flow technology. Making flexible HR policies implementation, broadening the organizational view with a seamless approach, and ease for employees to perform their functions.
amazaon secured data handling

Building trust through a secured data handling

Our system is deployed on the Amazon servers and protected by a strong firewall with Daily backup & multi-location backups
Mobile app for hr and employee

A Quick Integration

Develop a continuous workflow by integrating  Resourceinn HRMS with several popular apps. The human resource management software used by the HR department must be integrative, our HR s allows you to integrate with other digital channels. integration

Provides support to video conferencing

Clockify integration

Lets you track the working hour of your team

Xero integration

Assists in accounting services

Slack integration

Allows easy communication

Quickbooks integration

Assists in accounts automation

Business Intelligence Reporting

Human Capital HR Solution
Business Intelligence Reporting icon

An insight that gives you a much clearer view

Business reporting is crucial for any organization’s growth. An online HR management system that provides you with all the key information needed to measure work performance and give you insight for constructing strategic decisions. With this insight, you get a lot of human capital HR solutions.
Business Intelligence Reporting for HR

Manage Your Work Performance on Any Device with HR System

Providing you easy access to Resourceinn HRMS that lets you monitor your team through a laptop, tablet, or mobile (Android & iOS).
Resourceinn HRMS & Payroll Solution
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