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A cloud-based funneled employee management software that works in your absence to securely support the HR operations


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A cloud-based funneled employee management software that works in your absence to securely support the HR operations and save costs for manual data entry. Resource Inn is a dedicated Human Resources Management System that meets your HR needs and gets you the most out of your input.

  • Trusted by small and medium-sized entities
  • 360-degree recruitment support
  • Customized Performance and Payroll management
  • Leave and attendance management
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Speed and Agility

Resource Inn support A/B testing to experience the new trends in HR that help maximize staff productivity. Our customized app assists with your requirements to make it compatible with operations.

Easy To Use

Our interface is simple and provide you access to modules within one dashboard making it easier to use. We have taken measures to ensure user-friendliness and reduce the steps in application to complete your request and reach the outcome.

Light Weight

Page speed is the most important factor considered for appearing in front of your user. Users decide within 3 seconds if they like to carry on with the page. Our servers respond within milliseconds to act on your command.

Let’s Get Started:

Join 103 other entities and use our innovative solution for your HR operations. Do not miss what’s best available in the market.

Our satisfied clients are the main source of our success. We focus on a customer-centric approach to solve your issues on priority and bring innovation. Your privacy is our utmost priority; we keep your data secure on our servers from any kind of malware.

How It Works

We let our clients get through the below funnel for onboarding and successful integration of their HR automation.


Start Trial

Our trial service lets you use the product and get more understanding with the application that has the premium features available within one app.



You make the payment for implementation and initial consultation to automate your system.



We provide complete information after discussing your project and discuss the execution of the project with you. This stage requires a lot of conversation where we set rules, create processes, create policies and give you the outline for how it is going to work.



We initiate the project with digitalizing your information and help you eliminate all the hard copy records and switch to paperless environment. Our implementation will happen in phases where you will be notified after each phase to confirm your understanding and ensure the project is going in the right direction.


Go Live

Once the project is implemented, it goes in test run and we will be testing each core modules such as leave management, recruitment and payroll to name the few, once you are satisfied with the performance of the application then we will make it live and bring you to freedom where everything is managed at one place.

Why Resource Inn?

We provide a customer-oriented product that comes with features you will not find elsewhere. Our automated process gives you easy to use customized templates for yourself without having to revamp the whole procedure. There is a talented team behind this doing the legwork for you and making employee management easy.

  • Our 24/7 premium and technical support is available to help you manage operations.
  • The best customized all in one platform for your HR operations.
  • Customization on demand that suffice your requirements as per standards.
  • Save money by eliminating administrative costs for data management.
  • Minimize HR frauds using resourceinn analytics.
  • Implement your own KPIs for keeping track on performance management.
Human Resource Management

Employee Self Service

A self-managed portal for employees to maintain their requests and information with end-to-end encryption backed by How to use tutorials.

Cloud Hosting

Access your data anytime via the internet, anywhere in the world. Resource Inn does not restrict you to your network and provide access on demand via web and mobile.

Business Intelligence

Keep track of all the numbers and devise your employee management strategy with KPIs and actions. Create Dashboards with BI reports that provide insights for cost-cutting and operational details to improve your decision-making.

Hierarchy Management

Create clear reporting lines for your hierarchy and manage the roles with responsibilities to bridge the communication gap and communicate effectively within your teams.


Your UI/UX is useless if you have to direct the user where to go next. We provide an easy to use interface with minimum clicks to save time and get information 5x faster.

Export Data Facility

Export data to your systems for presentations and creating extended analysis reports. We provide complete export facility to support your data needs.


Resource Inn integrates with biometric systems and external applications to maximize your creativity for extendable projects. Gradual funnel building with integrations automates the process and cut the time and costs of your operations.

Mobile Apps

Resource Inn is available on play and app store for employees to provide more flexibility and quick response management for processing the request and information.


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Are you looking forward to a quick resolution of your manual HR misery? Let’s start implementing Resource Inn and take control of your operations.