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Managing the payroll system of employees requires a lot of precious time, effort and utmost care. Implementing an efficient payroll management system will eliminate all the hectic manual procedures to make things accurate and reliable. Import your raw data in Resorceinn’s cloud based payroll system that will develop a well-crafted spreadsheet simplifying your work and make it ten times easier. The payroll management in hrm integrates all the aspects of the payroll system including attendance, financial records of employees in an organization, distribution of employee paychecks and annual records of employee wages.

digital payroll system

An efficient payroll management

Construct the payrolls that runs according to locations, branches, and departments separately, while ensuring an undisrupted workflow. The digital payroll system streamlines the overall process by removing the clerical procedures.

Construct various types of payrolls

Let your team run multiple payrolls according to the organizational structure. Get rid of manual procedures of entering data into a spreadsheet and replace them with an automated payroll system.

digital payroll system

Set-up Payroll within Seconds

The payroll management system creates the spreadsheet in a well-organized manner. An electronic form that allows you to add all the necessary information including pay items such as benefits and deductions that gives you a better view of an individual’s earnings.

Streamline your workflow with a range of payroll types

Choose the payroll type of employee instantly. The payslip generator software reduces the time that is wasted in manually entering the required information. Whether it is monthly, daily, or hourly wages, it lets you assign a payroll type with ease.

payslip generator software
calculate tax deductions from salary

A well-structured payroll sheet

The biometric payroll software eliminates the manual data entry procedures and develops a well-maintained digital payroll sheet for your employees. It lets you compile accurate attendance and timecard to calculate costs and eliminate anomalies by saving your time.


Set up and calculate tax deductions from salary with payroll management. It lets you calculate all direct taxes from the application. Employees can download their tax statements for filing their tax returns.

Digitalized payslips

Give your employees access to their individual pay slips. The digital payroll system lets HR have access to the company’s pay slips. These pay slips can be exported to employees for their records and official use.

calculate tax deductions from salary

Make complex calculations easier

Built-in formulas calculate a range of payable items within seconds. The employee pay calculator not only simplifies the employee salary calculations but also reduces the time for complex calculations and eradicates human errors that may arise while generating payable amounts.

A set of pre-defined rules

Establish well-defined rules that are required to be followed by your employees. Provide a range of directives, from probation to perfect attendance to ensure productivity by linking it to payroll.

employee wages calculator
digital payroll system

Create Pay Items Instantly

Formulate various pay items according to your pay structure and create a list of options to choose from. A list that exhibits pay items that can be deducted, reimbursed, or earned by an employee.

Customize pay items according to your need

A digital payroll system that gives you the liberty to create customizable pay items according to your company’s pay structure. From benefits to deductions, create various pay items and track the way you pay each employee.

digital payroll system

Synchronize with Attendance and Leaves

The payroll module integrates with attendance and leaves management that eliminates your manual attendance register. The accurate system calculations let you manage employee salaries and overtime.

Encash your accumulated leaves

A biometric attendance system with payroll software facilitates your employees by converting their accumulated leaves into encashment. Create leave encashment for various employees and allow them to utilize their leaves in the most desired way.

biometric attendance system with payroll software

We are striving to uplift the growth and productivity of businesses worldwide by fulfilling their business needs and requirements. We ensure our client’s requirements and offer feasible payroll services pricing. Experience the smooth and systematic payroll management system that will save your effort, money and your precious time. Most importantly, among the top payroll software, our payroll system price is flexible and easily affordable.

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