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Today, the competition among various organizations has been escalated more than ever. HR professionals need to attract, manage, and retain new employees persistently to achieve organizational progress and smooth workflow. Evaluating job performance with the recognition of a befitting employee for a particular job is one of the major purposes of employee evaluation software. Resource inn allows you to get the desired data and reports precisely by the modern and flexible methodologies that a staff appraisal software exhibits. We know that employee assessment is one of the key factors for better growth and productivity of an organization. Therefore, introducing software in the line that simplifies performance evaluation of employees and their goals with business objectives. Performance management tools in hr enable an easy assessment of your workforce within seconds and save time allowing you to focus on strategy building.

probation period evaluation

Customizable Probation Periods

The probation period evaluation plays an important role in the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of employees that help in knowing the areas where more training is required.  Automated software that allocates probation periods to your newly appointed employees. A tool that lets you define various probation periods for different employees according to the organizational standards.

probation period evaluation

Assess with the Quality Evaluation Standards

Set-up evaluation scales for your employees that assist you in analyzing performance more accurately. An efficient system that provides tools for assessing employee potential to highlight the level of proficiency an employee has in a particular attribute.

tools for assessing employee potential

Construct Professional Attributes for a Well-defined Evaluation

Make the evaluations easier by creating efficient and professional attributes for your newly recruited employees. Provide a range of various attributes that are essential for your company. Attributes that includes:

-Meeting deadlines

-A positive attitude


-Good communication skills

-Recognizing the skill gaps and so on.

Get Assistance to Approve Employees Effectively

Equip your team with the best monitoring and evaluation software that saves a substantial amount of time. An online document that lets you extend the probation period of your employees according to the requirement. Evaluate your newly recruited employees and get their evaluations approved by upper management within seconds.

best monitoring and evaluation software

Resource inn is providing web based performance management system with the behavior assessment tools for employees, and performance management software for large to small businesses. We consider our client’s satisfaction, offer the most feasible prices, and determined to meet their business requirements.

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