Benefits Administration

Employee Benefits Management Software

Looking for managing your employee’s benefits process? You are at the right place. Our employee benefits management software creates and manages the employee’s benefits program effectively within the organization. It is an absolute fact that employees are important assets of a company who strives to scale up the productivity and growth of a company. Therefore, Resourceinn makes ways easier for both large and small companies to deal with their employee benefits administration management. Now build a more positive work environment by offering your employees greater benefits and make your organization productive. The employee compensation and benefits in hrm that you provide, gives them happiness, satisfaction, and confidence in the workplace.

Customizable Benefit Packages

A customizable benefits package that you can assign according to your employee’s particular roles keeping in mind the various levels of your employees’ either part-time, full-time, contracted, or temporary.

Create Allowances Types Easily

Feel free to design and create multiple allowances types with our effective benefits administration platform and assign them according to the specific grades of employees. For example, fuel, health, and education allowances.

Apply for Allowances at Individual Level

You can choose allowances type from a specific grade and customize it to the individual level. Employee benefits administration software gives you the flexibility to enable and disable allowance options anytime for specific employees or groups of employees.

Specialized Formula and Procedures

Employee benefits administration management allows you to create a customizable formula that designs a group of allowances you can assign to specific employees. For example, in reimbursing procedures, you can either include employees in the 50% fuel allowance group, 25%, or 15% according to the company policy.

Effective Integrations

Resourceinn is highly encouraging to the benefits administration systems in its modules. It comes with one of the best benefits administration platforms that provide automatic linking with the payroll, performance, and attendance management on the basis of which you can identify the most deserving employees.

Resourceinn has influenced organizations globally by providing strategies for modern digital transformation to make businesses stand out. An effective hire to retire solution that sets up a standard for your company or business. A strong and feasible solution that will scale-up your workforce and the quality and reliance are trusted worldwide.