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Optimize your HR practices through a strategic approach

Do you find it difficult to manage your HR operations? Worry no more! Our HR experts on our advisory board will help you through expert consultation. Forget about the issues you’ve been facing in talent management, acquisition, compensation and leadership development, HR strategy etc. because we’ve faced them ourselves as HR leaders; therefore, we will help you out with the technical expertise and insights.

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Data Driven HR

Enhance the accuracy of your strategic HR decisions by utilizing a data-driven approach. Take a systematic approach to empowering businesses in a smarter manner.

  1. Revolutionizing HR with Data & Analytics

    To understand data's potential, businesses need advanced technology and innovation, such as cutting-edge software. This webinar explores data's role in transformation, enabling better, more powerful, future-oriented decisions.
  2. The Role of HR in Expanding Businesses

    In this webinar, Mr. Adnan shares insights on HR's role in business growth. HR Managers face talent and engagement challenges when expanding internationally. This webinar offers proven solutions.
  3. Importance of Process Automation in Scaling Businesses

    Process automation optimizes operations, cuts costs, and boosts quality. It keeps businesses competitive during market changes. This webinar will explain automation's role in growth and competition.
  4. Solve HR Challenges with Emotional Intelligence

Our Keynote Speaker

Mr. Asad Saleem

Solve HR Challenges with Emotional Intelligence

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    Here is why you can consider our HR consultancy services

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    Elevate Your HR Game

    While you already have an in-house HR team, our consultancy services bring an external perspective to the table that can elevate your strategies. Our model Frameworks, industry best practices, up-to-date insights, and specialized solutions will enhance your HR efforts. so if you are seeking expertise in the area of HR for your organization to work in collaboration with you, then you are at the right place. Our consultants with global experience will help you pave the way for future success and plan ahead to keep your direction right.

    Small or Large we've got you

    It does not matter what’s the size of your company, our consultancy services are scalable and flexible depending upon your needs. Whether you’re a dynamic startup or an established enterprise, if you understand that the importance of the right direction in your journey we have the tools and strategies to drive your HR initiatives to success.

    Customized HR Solutions

    We understand that every organization is unique with its own culture and values. Our consultancy services are designed to align with your organizational goals, culture, and challenges. How can you benefit from us? You’ll receive tailored strategies that fit like a glove, ensuring maximum impact. Our expert consultants with years of experience in organizations all around the world are dedicated to setting the path of your organization on the right track.

    Problem Resolution

    If you are facing some problem or struggling to get the required outcome then you are at the right place. How we solve it? well, our approach is collaborative and solution-focused with trialed and tested market practices. We will work closely with you to understand the root causes of challenges and develop strategies that address them effectively, aiming for sustainable solutions.

    Potential Legal Issues

    Legal complexities in HR are crucial for any organizational success. At Resourceinn Advisory line, we specialize in providing expert guidance on contracts, compliance, and employment law, Our solutions ensure that your organization operates smoothly within the legal framework. Partner with us brings out the best in HR practices while staying legally secure.

    Strategic Partnership

    At Resourceinn advisory line, we believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of growth. Our strategic partnership solutions are designed to recognize and enhance your strengths and identify the gaps. Whether it’s to enhance your HR practices, streamline processes, and achieve common goals. With our partnership, you have access to the best market practices, tools, frameworks, and years of global experience.

    Outsourcing HR

    Opt for HR outsourcing with Resourceinn advisory line to streamline operations, reduce overheads, and enhance efficiency. Our experienced team handles HR tasks, freeing you to focus on business growth. From payroll to compliance, we’ve got you covered, ensuring a strong HR structure for engagement, growth, and a positive culture. Experience the advantages of specialized HR expertise, allowing your organization to grow at pace.

    Measureable ROI (Tangible Benefits)

    Are you looking for HR strategies built for measurable results? – if yes then from decreased turnover and enhanced productivity to reduced costs with our data-driven approach, you’ll witness real financial benefits and improved performance metrics. We are specialists to identify gaps and implement tested strategies to match organizational goals.

    Meet Our Advisory Line

    From the dress you’re wearing to the smartphone you’re holding, it’s design. If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

    Head, HR

    Zohaib Hassan

    Head, HR

    Adnan Ibrahim

    Head, HR

    Rashmina Rouf

    Managing Partner

    Noman Liaqat

    HR Consultant & Coach

    Wasif Mazhar

    HR Consultant & Coach (International)

    Asad Saleem

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      HR Audit

      From leave structure to health & safety policies, payroll to performance reviews & other HR KPIs, Resourceinn Advisory Line offers complete audit for your company.

      HR Strategy

      Our HR consultancy team can help you identify any gaps between your firm’s resources and its goals and offer solutions to fill those successfully.


      Resourceinn’s consultants can guide you in selecting the right candidate with a can-do personality and right skill set.

      Pay & Benefits

      Retaining talent now requires competitive pay & benefits. Resourceinn offers to provide a customized consultancy to help with it.


      Employee Training has a remarkable impact on a company’s financial goals which is why our consultancy team offers ideas to encourage your employees to work on their skills and up their game.


      Companies often encounter compliance issues, such as discrimination, harassment, wages, and safety. Resourceinn mentors guide you in HR compliance, including ethical and legal adherence.

      Employee Engagement

      Companies often need help with employee engagement and addressing challenges. Resourceinn mentors offer guidance for tailored solutions aligned with your company's culture and policies.

      Organizational Development

      Organizational Development aims to enhance workplace productivity & value. Our consultants will analyze the current state and help in modifying company goals and strategies.

      Performance Appraisals

      Resourceinn mentors leverage their expertise to create policies aligning with legal and moral standards & avoiding common company issues. The outcome will be transparency & positive work culture.

      See How Our Clients Drive Impact ?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      All businesses, new or old, small or medium, and service-oriented or product-oriented are constantly competing; people v/s people. To make sense of the market conditions and to create better strategies for achieving business goals, HR consultancy can do wonders. Making policies and creating an employee handbook is how HR consultancy can help.
      Resourceinn has wonderful experts on its HR consultancy panel with decades of experience in managing the workforce encouraging a “can do” attitude. Using our HR consultancy services will help you grow as a company but we focus on individual performance improvement so as a team every employee can feel motivated and engaged.
      After the pandemic ended, we started seeing the world with a new focus. Today recruiting and employee retention have become the biggest concerns in the business industry. Unlike before, employees demand a dynamic culture promoting mental calmness. Job security comes later.
      This is why, retaining the right employee, after finding the right candidate, has become difficult and challenging. This is where our HR consultancy comes in. We strive to provide perfect strategic changes and implementation strategies that will suit your company with personalization and help you retain your employees.
      The short answer is NO. Basically, the underperformance of an employee can be changed with proper guidance and experience. A better question for HR consultancy will be: How do I change the performance of my team?
      We can guide you on that as well.
      We include complete HR, payroll, performance, attendance tracking, safety, administrative policies, and so much more in our HR consultancy audit.
      The simple answer is to update yourself with all relevant laws and any changes that come with the passage of time. Workforce or employee laws are constantly changing. Our experts can guide you in detail as to what laws apply to your company.
      Our consultancy will help you increase your employee retention, remove toxicity from your culture, and increase your company’s productivity and value.
      From basic employee consultation to conflict resolutions and discussion on potential issues, our HR consultant will discuss everything and give expert suggestions and recommendations. Get expert advice today by calling us at: +92 (333) 4858530 or emailing us on: [email protected].

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