Improve Work Efficiency

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Today Flexible working hours are becoming the part of working practices in organizations because of its benefits to both employers and employees. It is useful for employees when they are unable to come to the working place yet they can do work from home. It is also useful when employees are far away and can’t travel to the office or leave their home place.

There is another side of practicing this method because of its psychological benefits and work-life balance. Studies had shown that flexible working hours can improve creativity and productivity if managed well. Laziness is a big threat in this model so one should focus on managing the schedule flexibility.

We will discuss how to improve the Efficiency with Flexible working hours. Here are some tips to increase efficiency in a flexible environment by managing the flexible schedule according to your need and environment.  

1.Access your current Time spending.

The first step you need to check while working on personal time management is to identify these three things honestly.

Determine how much you can accomplish per day

Identify the time sucks

Define activities that provide the greatest returns.

This exercise will help you determine the unproductive activities you are doing per day and let you define the most productive time of the day.

2.Create a daily schedule 

This step is absolutely crucial and you must have to remember these things before making schedule

Do not put too much in your plate 

Start a day with things to-do list

Before you leave working create the list of most pressing tasks of the day

Putting everything on the paper will help you be organized and work efficiently. Making plans before hands will help your subconscious mind get tuned with tasks in hand. If you can’t do it before the day, start doing it from the morning.

3.Prioritize wisely 

After creating a to-do list, the other most important task is to prioritize your task wisely. Identify three to four tasks that you should do first. Tasks should be prioritized based on importance not on urgency.

Important responsibility supports the achievement of your goals, whereas urgent responsibility needs urgent attention and support someone else goals.

Divide the tasks in the following steps and deal with them accordingly.

 -Important and urgent:

  Finish them right away

-Important but not urgent

  Involve them in long term development strategy.

-Urgent but not important

  Try to minimize the task of this nature.

-Urgent and Unimportant

  Try to eliminate these tasks as much as possible.

4. Group similar tasks together.

You can save your mental energy and time by grouping the task of the same nature together. By doing these you can finish these tasks at once and can move on to the next chunk with a completely different and fresh approach.

5. Avoid Multitasking:

This is the most simple yet most difficult tasks to follow. Focus on the one task at once because it will help you complete it more efficiently. Doing multitasking will decrease your productivity and increase the time of competition nothing more.

6. Assign Time List to Task.

Assigning time is very important to the task. Finishing things are important and it will boost your ego and confidence making you more ready for the next task and make plans with conviction. On the other hand if you will leave your task unfinished it will increase confusion and stress.

7. Eliminate Destruction:

Eliminating destructions are a must, avoid social media, and web browsing and text messages. These activates will consume your time and disrupt your task schedule. Save these activities for free time so you can enjoy them with ease and a free mind.

There are many software available for the management of employees and working used by organizations to keep a check and maintain day to day tasks. This software is categorized under ERP and HRM software. Using these software help increase productivity, identify mismanagement, and save time. Equipping with these systems by organizations is always a good idea.